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Mark: For Sun, a cartoony smiling sun with sunglasses at the centre of her chest.


Kitty combines three girls within herself: The original Kitty, a cat shapeshifter shaman from Shadowrun, an acquired additional identity that is a beast seeming Changeling from Changeling: The Lost, and the added memories of an alternate timeline version of the original Kitty who doesn't have Kitty's training and suffers from CFD.

Original canon: Shadowrun
Name: Kitty ("Legal" ID: Ebru Özdemir)
Species: Cat shapeshifter
Class: Shaman
Age: 7 (looks 9)
Short canon info for the not-canon-familiar
Her world is like ours but sixty years into the future, new technology, shitty ecological conditions and even shittier politics, and awakened magic. Mythical creatures have woken up, humans have learned to use magic and some of them have turned into fantasy races, some animals and plants have developed magical abilities, spirits roam the earth, and so on.

CRAU: [community profile] cityofhex (NWoD-based)
Name: Kitty (Birth name: Lilofee Schulz)
Species: Changeling (Beast Seeming, Summer Court)
Age: 9, born 16 years ago
Short canon information for the not-canon-familiar
Hex is much like our world, just that unbeknownst to most humans, all kinds of supernatural creatures (vampires, werewolves, fairies, people with magical powers, etc) exist. And that the city and the surrounding areas are located inside a wall behind which there is nothing, which nobody seems to really notice. Nor do most people see the steampunk-like machinery everywhere. Changelings are humans that were abducted to Arcadia and forced to serve a True Fae master, and found themselves deeply changed when they finally managed to escape and return to Hex proper.

Alternate Timeline
Name: Kitty
Species: Cat shapeshifter
Age: 7 (looks 9)
Specs: Cognitive Fragmentation Disorder (one invading personality is that of a male, magic using GP in his forties, the other is based on Kitty, a pre-teen cat shapeshifter. Both hail from a computer simulation set in 2050ies Berlin.) Coming to Synodiporia disabled the nanites completely.

Canon and CRAU CR: Here.
Stats: High dexterity, intuition, reaction, charisma, willpower, low strength, constitution, logic


Kitty's scent is that of a regular cat or human with some human or cat thrown in - essentially she smells like a human cat-owner or a cat who lives with a human, depending on which shape she's in. But she also has a faint scent of garbage about her, which when she is stressed turns into the scent of toxic waste.

To most people, Kitty's accent will be impossible to figure out, as her native human language is Rhurspeak, an amalgam language made up of German, Polish, Turkish, Russian and a few other languages.

To everyone who cannot see through Masks, she will either appear as a human girl of 1.30m, with black middle-length hair, fairly dark skin and an average kid's build or as a regular black kitten, past the super fluffy stage but still very much a kitten and has yellow eyes, depending on which shape she's in at that time.

But to those who can see through Masks her human body is covered in short, light black furry fluff everywhere and she has yellow cat eyes, pointy ears and hands that look a little bit like paws. In cat form, her paws look human-like, with a bit of an opposable-thumb- fingery shape to them. Her weight is distributed so that she can manage to walk upright if she feels so inclined, and her ears have shifted a bit down the side of her head and become more solid and thick around the edges and more upwards-pointing. He cat form also has gills on the sides of her body.

As of Tea Liminal, her Mien is fully covered in thick, soft, black kitten fur. She has pointy cat ears that are positioned fairly high up on the sides of her head, a face that is vaguely cat-shaped, with cat eyes and cat teeth (thus making it hard for her to eat things that need to be grinded). Her feet and hands are a cross between human and cat hands, with the last digits her hand/feet forming retractable claws instead of fingertips. She has a cat's tail and on the sides of her neck and torso there are gills, small on her neck and large on the torso.

Her cat form has paws with prolonged digits, one of which functions like an opposable thumb, gills on the torso and neck, a disturbingly human-like face (including the position and appearance of her ears), and a slightly shifted centre of gravity that allows her to walk around on her hind legs if she so wishes.


NAME: Kitty

CANON: Shadowrun

CRAU: [community profile] cityofhex


AGE: 9 (chronologically 7)

STATUS: Single

HOME: Rhine-Rhur Megaplex, ADL











NAME: Kira

JOURNAL: [personal profile] narva

PLURK: [ profile] narwa

Discord: Narva#9949